The Origin Story:

One year my mother decided that putting your hands on your hips could liven up any photo.

None of us were allowed to pose in any other way for the next decade.

But by then, none of us could stop.

I've thought of a few more ways to make a good photograph since then.

This is for you mom:

You can find my photos published in Hungry Eye Magazine, The Boston Review magazine, The LA Weekly magazine and in books like Film Craft: Cinematography, Art Toys, and The Graphic Eye and featured in wedding blogs like OffBeat Bride and A Practical Wedding.

You can find prints of my work in the homes of some beautiful souls who love a good story: Seamus McGarvey (cinematographer, Atonement/Anna Karenina), Stuart Murdoch (Singer, Belle and Sebastian), Opus Moreschi (head writer at Colbert Report) and Becca Dobias of Riverside, CA (mom to little Jonas)

Here's what people have to say about my work.


I'm an artist, a creative guide, a storyteller. 

Over the years I saw the connecting thread in my photography work and in my personal journey:

I  help witness and reflect what's powerful and real for folks at various milestones of their lives - documenting their relationship with love (weddings and engagements), with their families (documentary family sessions), and with themselves (true nature photo sessions).

The full spectrum of feeling, humans in their full expression.

When we're  fully seen and celebrated, not just in perfect instagram-worthy moments, as if all parts of us and all aspects of our lives matter, we can feel cared for, nourished, connected, and ignited.


My clients are unique, wonderful folks from every walk of life with every imaginable story. This very much includes LGBTQ couples and any and all definitions of family that you have. Humans of all shapes and sizes and colors. Love, the real kind, doesn't discriminate.

If you relate to any of these, we might be a good fit:

You appreciate and value art and photography.

When you see my images you have, you know, feelings.

You want your images to reflect your unique personality and all of the intimate, tender, joyous, REAL moments.

Cookie cutter, stiff poses make you yawn. You follow your own path.

It matters to you that you feel comfortable and good around your photographer. 


Intuitive (very, very intuitive). Joyous. Real. Bursting with emotion. 


I'm very influenced by connection - all the little beautiful ways people express and reach out to each other.

1) Sisterhood is very much my jam.

2) I have a battle cry against the false and debilitating notion of perfectionism.

3) I like chickens. Especially the weird ones with crazy pompadours. And I really, really like dogs.

4) I believe the stories we tell about ourselves and other people matter. I'm super keen on stories of transformation and healing, mythology and folk tales, magical realism, real life stories about strangers being kind to each other, street photography, and music from everywhere.

5) Nature. At this point, I totally talk to trees. 

6) My body. She tells me when things feel right or not. She's the one thing that truly belongs to me. That's a big F-ing deal.

There's way more to this answer but it would probably involve a cup of tea. 

And maybe those little ginger cookies.


Email me for rates and custom quotes or to ask any other questions. I'd love to hear from you.

Don't wait though - My sessions, especially weddings and Woman Alive sessions start to fill up as much as a year in advance. Once we've checked that I have your date available, a 50% deposit and a signed contract is required to book your date.

And then the adventure starts. :)

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