"...I MEANT to start my review by sharing advice from my wedding planner: pick a photographer whose photos you like (obviously), but more importantly, pick a PERSON you really like, because you're basically spending your entire wedding day with them. Linda is an adorable, hilarious pixie who somehow manages to be both an artist and an incredible businesswoman. 

I HIGHLY recommend Linda, for her ability to tell your story in photographic form, and because she's easy to work with, and finally, because she will just make your day better." - Diann 

She was so dynamic and flexible - she was directive when she could feel us getting self conscious or when she knew we were trying to achieve a particular "look" for a photo, but for the most part, she was always at the right place and the right time to capture really organic moments. 

It was pure joy to scroll through the photos after - I feel so lucky to have this little time capsule, and Linda's editing made my partner and I look FANTASTIC. :)

 It was incredible how she both seemed to become part of the whole crazy apparatus of our wedding day, but was the part that reminded me to be human during really intense moments  - she's such an old soul, and the exact positive energy you want at your wedding.


" We saw the photos! My mom was dying and Pete was getting all teary eyed... They're so so beautiful, Linda you're incredible. You were by far the very best person we worked with that day and the best decision we made about the whole thing. 

I'm so self conscious and dreaded all the attention and all eyes on me but you made me so much more comfortable and you were so sweet and patient with everyone even amongst the maniacal chaos!

I don't even know how to thank you enough, I have been and will continue forever to recommend you to anyone that will listen. " 

Erin and Pete (wedding)

"The important thing for us (husband and me) is human connection; if we don't feel a spark, we don't work well together. If energy is important to you, run to Linda! 

Before we even spent our wedding day with her it was like we were all old friends. I STILL feel like she's my friend. 

Something else to know about us: we are self-conscious about photos and don't like posing. I didn't think about it a single time during my wedding day because Linda made me so comfortable AND was like a lightening pixie running around our location capturing pictures of everything." 

- Eve and Kalen, wedding

"Aside from having the eye of a poet, Linda’s personality is infectious and a joy to be around. 

She was part of our wedding, not some vendor or employee. 

It made it so much easier to relax and live in the moment." -Brian and Mika (Wedding) 

"Linda, I just wanted to to extend a heart-felt thank you .. Mira and I looked through the photos SO MANY times already!!! SO MANY TIMES! And we simply love them. Everybody we show loves them! We showed a waitress at dinner last night!!" - Andy and Mira (Wedding)

"Linda was.. a calming and fun presence for the whole day. 

I couldn't be happier with the photos. They really capture the feeling and love of the day, just the way I remember it!" 

- Becca and Jared (Wedding) 

"Linda, I keep meaning to start this email, and then I can’t because there’s so much to say. 

Thank you so much for capturing such a wonderful day - we literally cannot stop talking about how comfortable and connected we felt around you. 

Tony specifically requested that I tell you that he’s asked several times if we’ll ever see you again because he misses  your positive and warm energy. I hope you know that you're the best and that we will always consider you part of our team."

- Angela and Tony (wedding and engagement shoot)

"Never in the way… Linda was constantly capturing every precious, meaningful, genuine moment without us even realizing that she was there! 

She appreciates the tiny fleeting moments that would have otherwise been missed. Not only that, but she handled and accommodated family and friends with sensitivity and professionalism. I  cannot stress how much we ADORED this photographer. Linda just got our personalities and was well-humored. She understood what was important to us and acknowledged who we really are as individuals. 

Not only did my husband and I love her, but, honestly, Linda Abbott was all our families and friends could talk about. 

Everyone was comfortable with her and could tell that she takes pride in her work. This isn’t just a job to her, it is clearly her passion. "

- Alice and David (Wedding)

Linda!!! I love them SO MUCH (I have never loved photos of anything so much in my life!!!!) and I have looked at them at least twenty times now. - Diann  (wedding)

"After 29 years together my partner and I did NOT want the traditional wedding. We wanted a party where our friends and family could celebrate this milestone. We were hesitant to even consider a pro photographer because i've seen some of them take over, being in the way, and creating "moments" rather than capturing them.

 I did a little looking around on the web and stumbled upon Linda's site. I was blown away by her images. We spoke, I did not look any further, I hired her. She captured the incredible spirit of our day; our crazy friends, the dogs, the beauty of the venue. 

Sheer joy radiates through her photos and I never noticed her doing any of it. She's like a Ninja! We could not be happier with the results" 

- Kevin and Doug (Wedding)

"I'm crying I'm so happy. These are incredible. So priceless to me. I don't even know what to say except thank you so much!" 

- Elle Neil, wedding

For our wedding, we really wanted candid shots and special, very *real* moments captured and Linda totally nailed it! She somehow translates tone, emotion, and sense of place into her photos to create a genuine expression of what something FEELS like... her photos quietly and gracefully encapsulate all of those things that you feel but can't put into words. She also impressed my very-hard-to-impress cinematographer father. Personally, she is also lovely and amazing! She's relaxed and super chill, yet she was somehow EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE!! 

Mira Rao - Engagement, Pre-Wedding Bruncheon, Wedding Day

"The pictures you took are exactly what we were hoping for...candid and bursting with life and emotion. 

I feel so lucky to have found you and that you were actually available. Definitely meant to be!" 

- Jen Schulz (wedding)

"Thank you for being such an amazing person! It means so much to have you as part of our special days!"- Patty and Ibrahim ( 2 wedding days and engagement shoot )

"Linda is an absolute gem. We didn't want traditional staged photos and she went above and beyond to get us wonderful and intimate shots.

She was warm, enthusiastic and we LOVE the pictures." - Laura and Joe (Wedding)  

Before we met Linda, my husband and I had never been professionally photographed. We came into our engagement shoot feeling pretty nervous and shy…but Linda’s warmth, humor, and photojournalistic style of photography made the experience so much fun and comfortable. Her pictures are much more than just generic poses. When my husband and I look back at our wedding pictures, we remember exactly what we were feeling and living at each captured moment. To be able to capture these moments in such a beautifully artistic way is what makes her an amazing photographer. - Liz and Don


Linda's work with photography (especially with her Woman Alive sessions) is truly innovative. She uses her craft as a means to help empower women to reconnect with their true essence. 

Of course, at the surface level, the images she captures are stunning, but the work Linda is doing goes much deeper than that. 

As women, we so rarely have healthy arenas to truly witness and presence each other without judgement, thoughts of comparison, or without the expectation that we need to entertain others with our bodies or presence. 

Through Linda's work, a woman has a safe place to explore herself on her terms for herself, but she also has the opportunity to be witnessed by another woman who has no agenda except to lovingly hold space for her as she lets her truth emerge. 

It's exhilarating to experience this process of self discovery under Linda's loving guidance! It's not an  exaggeration to call this work a potent vehicle for healing around some of our deepest wounds connected to our identity of self.

- Amy Lombardo

"Linda's women's sessions are so special.

We are losing our wild nature, both on the planet and inside of us. We have to go up into the wilderness and reclaim it in whatever state the wilderness is in, in whatever state WE are in, and be brave and courageous and still be naked in the midst of it. 

We need it as much as the wilderness needs it. We need it now more than ever."

--Marysia, co-founder of The Gaia School of Healing

Linda, you and your photography are amazing. I felt like I could be free to express myself, the deepest parts that I’m afraid to reveal. 

You helped me to embrace my inner beautiful and express my emotions through imagery. 

 I hope that some day society will embrace the nakedness of woman as self expression and beauty as opposed to only as sexual or provocative. 

We do this for ourselves, to love our bodies as they are…in all their perfect imperfections.


I felt seen, I felt joy, I felt empowerment, and I was able to connect to what's true inside me. 

 Linda and I spoke before about what I wanted to get out of the session and her intuitive guidance helped tether me to that intention. 

The session has been part of a pivotal shift within, of stepping into my power. 

I love the memory of the experience and looking at the photos remind me of just how beautiful and powerful I am. 

Thank you.

- Laura

To be honest, I made fun of my friends who had already signed up to do the sessions because I just thought nude photos in nature? What? And I had never resonated with regular boudoir or thought of myself as someone who would do that. But then I met you, and I heard you talk about it in front of the women, and I was just blown away. Everything you said made so much sense to me.

I wanted to feel. I wanted to connect to my body again. I wanted to get in touch with the raw and strong parts of me. I wanted to feel grounded. I wanted every part of me to connect with nature.

This experience was very healing and empowering. And what I love most is that it felt authentic to me.”

I felt compelled to do this because it felt like a once in a life time opportunity to have my photo taken like this in a safe and comfortable way.

To be nude in nature was really powerful for me. And you played a huge role in the comfort level I felt.
You were incredibly encouraging in a natural way. I didn't feel judged, or "looked at".



  - K

It's a rare opportunity in this world to embody our feminine essence in safety, power and joy. With Linda’s guidance I awoke, reclaimed, let loose and let free, the parts of my physical and psychological wild side that don’t get enough shine time. Women Alive Sessions are the needed medicine for a women whose ready to meet more of her true self, in a fun, real, raw and powerful way.

tawny sterios


All you need to know about Linda is that she has a unique talent for really connecting with the people she photographs, and that connection shows in every photo she takes." - Karen M. 

"Amazing, amazing photos! They look really a really wonderful way the kids seemed not to notice you and in so many pictures you captured sheer joy! I feel I can't thank you enough!" -  Rebecca Mandel

"The photos you took are wonderful. I am so impressed, but after meeting you, not at all surprised that your work is amazingly good. You made our trip to CA one of the best ever." - Alice Lorenz and the Lorenz family. 

"My husband, two girls and I could not have felt more comfortable being ourselves around her and that is part of what makes Linda so special. She makes you feel right at home. Bonus points to Linda for being absolutely hilarious. We laughed the entire time! " Kat Haro 



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